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Popular Social Networking Site Gains Traction by Providing Users with Online Experiences that Reflect Real-Life Relationships

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, March 20, 2007 — Multiply, Inc. (,announced today that it has surpassed a key milestone of 4 million registered users. The site, which enables users to share digital content and discussion within their real-life social network, has experienced unprecedented growth over the last several months. Usage metrics, including number of page views, content items posted, and people visiting the Multiply site per day, are up by more than 500% over last year. And since the beginning of 2007, page views on the site have doubled, with over 13 million unique visits per month.

Multiply has gained traction by providing users with a completely different approach to social networking – one of relationship-based relevancy. Unlike other social networks that aggregate everyone’s profile, photos, videos and blogs into one giant public bucket, Multiply delivers information, content, and communications strictly within a user’s pre-established personal network, which includes direct contacts and anyone connected to the user through real-life relationships. A one-of-a-kind proximity index ranks the strength of those relationships (like a Google page rank for people) and personal identifiers like “cousin,” “roommate,” or “brother’s girlfriend” help users identify and prioritize the content being shared. This unrivaled feature drives Multiply’s approach to relationship-based relevancy in social networking, and instills a level of privacy and control that is not present on any other social network.

Central to Multiply’s social networking service is an integrated communications platform upon which users create and share a vast array of digital content. Multiply’s message board facilitates communication centered around photos, videos, social bookmarks and current events by notifying users not only when new items are shared, but also when replies are added to existing items, offering a centralized way for people to stay connected and communicate with a small subset or large net of friends and family efficiently.

“Multiply is growing rapidly because it allows people to document and share the most important aspects of their lives with the most important people in their lives – friends and family,” said Peter Pezaris, CEO of Multiply. “It’s like keeping an online scrapbook and diary, only now the people they know and love can write in it as well.”

About Multiply Inc.
With offices in New York, NY and Boca Raton, FL, Multiply provides easy-to-use, integrated tools and communication features that allow people to create and share their online presence and communications in a controlled, private manner. Unlike other social networks that aggregate everyone’s profile, photos, videos, blogs into a public bucket, Multiply contains and delivers information, content, and communication strictly within the personal network boundaries that each user has outlined. The company is privately held with backing by Transcosmos and private investors. For more information, interested parties can visit

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