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Peeping Toms

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Senin, 28 Juni 2010 07:44 WIBPeeping Toms

Peeping Toms Unlike almost everyone else around me, I haven’t actually watched those racy Ariel Peterporn’s videos.  To be honest I’m not really interested in watching other people cavort in bed, especially real life artistes and celebrities, not because of my higher moral grounds or prudishness, but because I could already imagine they’ll be pretty tame.  I mean, let’s face it, what mysteries could there be in real people having sex?  It’s an act that has existed since the beginning of humans and it’s how we all ended up on this planet to begin with:  Because of people engaging in sexual intercourse.

It’s just that when it comes to watching good sex they do it so much better in films, especially French ones, and certainly more tasteful to watch particularly if the actors are nice looking, the acting convincing and the close-ups and soundtrack are good.

Peeking at someone’s homemade videos of themselves having sex however, even though they’re celebrities, would be like peeping through a key hole in order to catch your sexually active neighbours in flagrante delicto.  It’s really not a very nice thing to do.  Especially when you invite the entire neighbourhood to also join in to get a good look and may be have a bit of a laugh, a snigger or even get titillated by it.

And then you say that those people are committing a crime for engaging in a pornographic act.  Oh, and by the way, they were not married to each other and so they are immoral and they should be locked up.  Would you like to see how immoral and sinful they are?  Here, I’ll forward the link to you from my Blackberry.  Let’s all voice our condemnation so harshly and loudly so that our children will not emulate their prurient acts, of course after they too have watched the videos so they will understand exactly what sins we’re talking about.

With so many people in the country downloading and watching the videos on the Internet and through their mobiles (the president director of a telecommunications provider told me that on the day that the videos went up, data traffic went up so much that he thought there was a major earthquake or something) how is it that the question of morality even come into it? 

A lot of reactions no doubt arise from watching the displays of sexual activities – including I bet, envy towards this local Don Juan by some of the male sex – but moral offense should not be one them.  How could one go out of one’s way to download or obtain the video, watch it and perhaps share it with friends and talk about it, and then judge that what they’ve seen is immoral?

Does the impulse to watch sex videos come because we all feel the virtuous need to uphold our society’s unblemished moral behaviour, or rather because when it comes to sex and other naughty things, we’re all just voyeurs inside looking for cheap thrills with a childish sense of curiosity that gets the better of us?

Remember the video of the DPR member caught on the cell phone video with his mistress and his pants down?  If I recalled there was no cry for him and the woman to be investigated by the police for producing porn.  But then again, may be the sense of moral outrage was eclipsed by the sorry sight of his ridiculously minuscule appendage and his public contrition. 

We seem to like it when people show proper remorse, especially if there’s a forgiving spouse thrown in, as if we’re the Almighty, dishing out judgments and rulings on what is morally proper or not.  I wouldn’t be surprised if after all this palaver, Ariel’s girls will feel the need to step into the public wearing headscarves and talk about how they’ve repented and now they’re back in the straight and narrow.

Let’s be honest, the actors in the homemade sex videos are already punished enough by the whole country and the world of Twitter (where Ariel Peterporn became the number one Trending topic) for being caught naked and judged mercilessly through some very harsh, derisive and contemptuous words.  Their bright young careers, especially the females involved, are most likely on the line.  At this point in their lives, nothing worse could probably happen to them.

Whether they would end up burning in hell when they die is really none of our business and should not keep us awake at night.  That’s what God is for and how God works will always remain a mystery to us.  Whether they feel remorse or not should not be for us to police them.  If we were to put all adulterers and those who have engaged in sex outside marriage in jail, there would hardly be anyone left walking down the high streets.

In truth they themselves have not done us any wrong or harmed us in anyway.  Instead they have the misfortune of having their private act made public.  If anything they should be commended for providing free entertainment for a nation that comes highest when it comes to searching out sex websites and indulging in pornographic content.  They should not be the butt of our moral censure.  On the contrary, those who watch the video for its sexual content should be branded Peeping Toms.

The police, the jails and our moral indignation should be employed against those who actually inflict harm and injury on others; the criminals, the rapists, the murderers, the paedophiles, the corruptors, the thugs, the terrorists and the perpetrators of hate and conflict. 

Because if there is a jail reserved for those who supposedly commit immoral acts, there should also be a jail for those guilty of hypocrisy and for playing God.

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